Penaz Masani

Padma Shree Awarded Artist Penaz Masani

She was honoured with the Padma Shree award on 26 January 2009

Padmashree Penaz Masani is a Ghazal singer from India whose performances have enthralled audiences around the world. She has performed extensively at concerts which have left a riveting impact on the audiences. She has created a euphoria and continues to perform and sing leaving one and all spellbound.

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Padmashree Award

Penaz Masani was conferred with the Padmashree Award by the President of India

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Bangladesh Concert

Performed in Bangladesh and Chittagong to a hall of packed overwhelming audience.

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ICCR Tour to West & South Africa

Toured West Africa and South Africa under the aegis of ICCR, the diplomatic missions in each country and the NRI community.

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Concert in Dubai

Participated in the ‘Jewel of India “ concert in Dubai organized by the Indian Consulate in the country to mark India’s 50 years of Independence.

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Cultural Ambassador

Delegated as Cultural Ambassador to perform during India’s 50 years of Independence celebrations in Khyrgyztan.

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